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The completion of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Sustainability in Roadway Design and Construction Guidance Document and Implementation Plan.

A 5 year CDOT Water Quality Training contract award to TerraLogic (Prime Contractor) and teaming members Wright Water Engineers and Aqua Terra.

An award of a two year contract to TerraLogic (Prime) to research new and innovative construction site revegetation techniques. Team members are Environmental Planning Group and Western States Reclamation.

Selected by CDOT to develop a sustainability-based Public Outreach Literacy Project that will educate internal CDOT employees and the driving public on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Selected by the Transportation Research Board to give a presentation at the Summer ADC Committee Summer Workshop on Right of Way Impacts Associated with Solar Array Systems (download PDF file).

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TerraLogic is a unique and innovative environmental consulting firm that integrates sustainability principles and concepts into civil and environmental engineering based programs and projects. We provide a wide range of sustainable consulting services for the transportation industry that includes transportation planning, environmental impact studies, design, construction and operation and maintenance.

Your enthusiasm and leadership resulted in an end product that met and exceeded by expectations, delivered on time despite substantial and uncontrollable delay and developed support for a program beyond what we could have hoped for when the project started.

You developed the active encouragement from both internal and external stakeholders to move forward quickly and aggressively with a sustainability evaluation system based on the GreenLITES process.

F. Yates Oppermann, Environmental Planner

Colorado Department of Transportation

Letter of Recommendation (PDF)

Art Hirsch - Sustainable Transportation Consultant

Art Hirsch

Art Hirsch has more than 32 years of environmental project management and technical consulting experience working for private industry, federal and state agencies and local municipalities. He is the owner of TerraLogic Sustainable Solutions, located in
Boulder, Colorado. Full bio of Art Hirsch

Issues Facing Sustainable Transportation
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Integrating Sustainability Elements into the Transportation Alternative Analysis in a Third World Country, Liberia

Art Hirsch - Sunday, October 20, 2013

A few months ago TerraLogic was hired by a consulting firm (Eurasia Environmental Associates, LLC) to provide sustainability consulting support for a transportation project located in Liberia. The Country of Liberia is expecting to get funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to improve their transportation system with a focus on increased movement of goods and services. The poor conditions of the Liberian road system are significantly affecting the movement of agricultural goods to markets resulting in continuing negative economic and social impacts on the country.  Read More

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Natural Resource Impact Cost Models and Envision Training

Art Hirsch - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It has been a while since my last blog much to my regret. My purpose behind developing the blogs is to identify important and new developments in the sustainability field that I hope my readers will find interesting and helpful. This month’s blog is about a sustainability-based economic model presented at an American Public Works Association (APWA) Conference and discussions conducted during the latest Envision Verifier Training Class. Read More

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